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International, contemporary modern artist Osian Gwent AGSA has been invited back to the 2020 Contemporary Welsh Art Exhibition London. The exhibition is part of the annual Wales Week in London celebrations. The event in London is being hosted by the London Welsh Centre, Grays Inn Road, Holburn, London. It attracts artists from across Wales. “I am delighted to be flying the flag for Llanidloes and Wales”.

Recent exhibitions include a solo exhibition at the Senedd Cardiff. In addition, the National Library of Wales recently requested permission to archive his work. Osian will be exhibiting in Sussex in May, thereafter Manchester and Derry Northern Ireland later this year.

The Short Bridge Street Gallery ‘Art by Osian’ opened in January 2019. Osian’s work has been sold to collections across the world.

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Traditionally trained, Osian spent four years at art school, as a figurative fine art painter. Osian enjoys painting more expressive work. It’s a place where he ventures to disconnect from the rules. “I get to enjoy the simple act of manipulating paint. I focus on the simplicity of shape, colour and texture, whilst layering thin glazes and thicker bolder energetic statements of paint.

“There is something about being immersed in the Welsh landscape that stimulates my creativity. I begin by sketching and painting a series of small colour studies out in the wilderness. I enjoy the isolation and the vulnerability of being outdoors, whilst experiencing the intensity of the landscape”. 

His works reveal a hidden, mysterious landscape, that he translates into a personal response and representation of a half-remembered reality. He does this through shape, form, movement, contrast, light and texture. “If I can keep it loose and fresh whilst throwing my energy into a spontaneous mess, that’s when I truly connect”.

Osian refers to his wilderness sketches and studies and then develops his ideas further back in the studio. “From here on, I paint intuitively. I give the painting permission to lead. My work is merely an act of submission”.

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