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‘Art by Osian’ Short Bridge Street Llanidloes Powys Wales

'GWLAD' 8' x 4' oil on canvas £6,500
8′ x 4′ oil on canvas £6,500


I grew up on a council estate in South Wales during the 60’s and 70’s. Dad was an avid reader. I loved pouring through the collection of art books he had acquired on the lives of different artists. The early works were inspired by the industrial region of the valleys, and the rugged natural beauty of the surrounding Welsh landscape which remains a source of inspiration. My love of art, and the passion for painting has continued on into later life, by reflecting on my personal life experiences that help shape the direction of my work.

I moved to England to study fine art painting and sculpture in my twenties. I lived in Asia for 9 years and the States for 12 years. I moved back to Wales in 2016.

My work has been exhibited in London, and can be found regionally across the country. The National Library of Wales requested permission to archive my work. I have exhibited at the Contemporary Welsh Art Exhibition in London and my work has been sold to private collections across Europe, the States and Asia.

The gallery is open Mon to Fri 10-2 and Sat 11-4. I am typically there beyond those hours. Scheduled private appointments are welcomed.

Life as a fine art painter

I’m happiest when I see beyond detail. I love expressing the essence of the subject and what it means to me, often through movement of paint, contrast, light and texture. If I can keep it loose whilst throwing my energy into a spontaneous mess that’s when I connect.

I draw upon my personal life experience and illustrate this into my work. Traditionally trained, I spent four years at art school, as a figurative fine art painter. I drift into the abstract. It’s a place I venture into to disconnect from the rules. I get to enjoy the simple act of manipulating paint. I focus on the simplicity of shape, colour, texture whilst layering thin glazes and thicker bolder energetic statements of paint. My recent work is constantly evolving into an expressive, intuitive, contemporary modern art style.

I represented Wales at the 2018 Contemporary Welsh Art Exhibition in London and exhibit regionally throughout the country. Furthermore, I am a supporter of the arts council in Cymru /Wales.