contemporary modern art landscape oil painting

Contemporary landscape painting ‘Black Mountains’

What inspires me to paint

I have a special affinity with The Black Mountains in Wales. Fortunately, I was blessed to have them right there on my doorstep in my youth. They have represented home to me, despite living away from them for over thirty years. It’s true to say that I have a deep connection with this part of the world. It’s so good to be back. The Welsh landscape continues to inspire me to draw and paint to this day. (Even on these rather dull and gloomy days as February draws to an end).

Finding the essence in contemporary landscape painting

I have always enjoyed landscape painting. Years ago it was about the detail. It was appreciated by my audience with words of approval and affirmation. But detail doesn’t do it for me anymore. I look at life in a very simple way. The way I live is very simple. This approach is reflecting more and more in my drawing and painting. I can easily do detail. I want to represent the essence of what the landscape is saying to me. And quite often in a contemporary landscape painting, its the simplicity of the underlying shape and form. In this landscape painting, my eyes were drawn towards the distant hills. I chose to represent them as a block of colour and a simple outline. I painted them in a grey/purple oil colour as this helped to make them recede into the landscape painting. The day was beautiful and full of colour I wanted to reflect that in the sky. The mountains in the distance of this landscape, imposed their majestic presence as if to simply say… “I am here”. Related articles
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white painted road marking direction arrow

Direction Determines Destination

Routine and structure for home-based businesses

I work from home. My commute is from the kitchen to the studio. I live one day at a time. Yesterday has gone. I am excited about the future but I focus on today. Having a daily routine helps me to maintain that focus. There is a lot of freedom that is attached to what I do. And I enjoy it. However, without any structure that freedom could be my undoing.

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paint brushes in a vase

Edgelands at the Canolfan Y Celfyddydau

Edgelands Exhibition

I drove over to Aberystwyth today to visit Canolfan Y Celfyddydau, otherwise known as the Aberystwyth Arts Centre. The main exhibition ‘Edgelands’, takes its inspiration from the overlooked areas of land on the borders of the town and the countryside. These are the outskirts of cities that hardly receive any attention. This collection of contemporary painting celebrates these forgotten margins of our landscape. They challenge us to consider how we perceive the world. Not just in terms of what we see, but also how we feel and behave like a developing civilisation.

Artists on Show

Some of the featured artists include; Barbara Howey, Marguerite Horner, Lee Maelzer and Day Bowman.

Horner’s works offer a snapshot of the seemingly mundane: a sliver of dual carriageway in profile, a petrol station or a rundown shop, in a tired suburban street. Continue reading Edgelands at the Canolfan Y Celfyddydau

Ceredigion Art Trail summer exhibition 2017 Old College Aberystwyth

The Artist in the Market Place

Blogging selling online art

Painting small and often is one aspect of being an artist. Almost equally as important, is selling artwork.

Today we have the opportunity for blogging selling online art.  We can join like-minded people, who can support each other as artists.  There are thousands of artists painting often, and posting to blogs. Potentially there is a hugely supportive community at our fingertips.

You can avoid the middleman – most galleries charge 50% commission. While they do a lot (including paying rent), the internet presents us with an opportunity to sell direct. There are costs with selling online, but they are much lower than 50%. Continue reading The Artist in the Market Place