contemporary modern art landscape oil painting

Contemporary landscape painting ‘Black Mountains’

What inspires me to paint

I have a special affinity with The Black Mountains in Wales. Fortunately, I was blessed to have them right there on my doorstep in my youth. They have represented home to me, despite living away from them for over thirty years. It’s true to say that I have a deep connection with this part of the world. It’s so good to be back. The Welsh landscape continues to inspire me to draw and paint to this day. (Even on these rather dull and gloomy days as February draws to an end).

Finding the essence in contemporary landscape painting

I have always enjoyed landscape painting. Years ago it was about the detail. It was appreciated by my audience with words of approval and affirmation. But detail doesn’t do it for me anymore. I look at life in a very simple way. The way I live is very simple. This approach is reflecting more and more in my drawing and painting. I can easily do detail. I want to represent the essence of what the landscape is saying to me. And quite often in a contemporary landscape painting, its the simplicity of the underlying shape and form. In this landscape painting, my eyes were drawn towards the distant hills. I chose to represent them as a block of colour and a simple outline. I painted them in a grey/purple oil colour as this helped to make them recede into the landscape painting. The day was beautiful and full of colour I wanted to reflect that in the sky. The mountains in the distance of this landscape, imposed their majestic presence as if to simply say… “I am here”. Related articles
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