Welsh Artist show at the National Assembly for Wales

Welsh Artists solo show in the nation’s parliament

The expressive art of Welsh artist and painter Osian Gwent recently featured in a solo exhibition at the National Assembly for Wales.

Osian’s exhibition sponsored by Assembly Member Russell George took place from July – November 2019. The exhibition showcased a selection of his larger canvasses.

Osian studied painting at Newport and Cheltenham schools of fine art. After this, he continued further studies in Oxford and Bath. For 21 years, he lived overseas both in Asia and America. Finally, Osian returned to Wales in 2016 to establish himself as a full-time Welsh artist.

In 2018, he was approached by the National Library of Wales with a request to archive his work. He has since exhibited his work in London at the Welsh Contemporary Artists Exhibition. Similarly, he exhibits around the region.

In January 2019, he opened Art by Osian. A Welsh artists studio and gallery on Short Bridge Street in Llanidloes. The art gallery is open Monday to Saturday from 10 am – 4 pm. Private appointments outside these hours are welcome.

His work is to be curated later next year for an exhibition in Derry, Northern Ireland. Consequently, Osian will be visiting the region seeking inspiration for his new body of work. He plans to merge both the Irish and Welsh landscapes into his future paintings. Thus, creating a sense of unity and therefore, something the two regions share in common.

Senedd exhibition for Welsh artist, Osian Gwent

Mr George added, “I would like to thank Osian for exhibiting his work at the Senedd. Therefore, I was delighted to welcome him to Cardiff Bay by inviting him to see his work on display”.

“He is an incredibly talented artist and painter. It was my pleasure to be able to facilitate the exhibition by showcasing the work of a living Welsh artist and painter from mid-Wales. I would encourage everyone to take the opportunity to visit his studio and gallery in Llanidloes.

He has an excellent selection of modern and contemporary
artwork on show.”

Russell George

Osian Gwent added: “First of all, I am thankful for this opportunity to add a little colour to the corridors of power. Secondly, I am extremely grateful to Russell George AM. His support and encouragement of the arts in Wales and Welsh artists, in general, is invaluable.

“In addition, I would like to thank the members of the Welsh Assembly staff who also help Welsh artists. They helped to facilitate and coordinate this solo exhibition.”

Welsh artists Osian Gwent
PICTURED: Russell George AM and Welsh artist and painter Osian Gwent at his solo exhibition at the National Assembly for Wales.

Osian Gwent Welsh artist and painter

Contemporary Welsh landscape artist

Contemporary Welsh Landscape Artist

Contemporary Welsh landscape artist
expressive • contemporary • modern art

Contemporary Welsh landscape artist Osian Gwent is a full-time professional artist based in mid-Wales. His expressive Welsh landscape paintings are sold around the world. Osian works from his studio and gallery in Llanidloes.

A welcoming Welsh landscape artist in his studio

Welsh landscape artist
expressive • contemporary • modern art

To begin with, he draws his inspiration from the surrounding landscape and completes his work back in the studio. Visitors are always made welcome to see a living Welsh landscape painter at work.

Little bit of a different post this morning! Infact, our first post that ventures out of Shropshire.

Recently I had the chance to visit a contemporary Welsh landscape artist @artbyosian in Llanidloes, Mid Wales. Osian inspired me greatly in a way that I was not expecting! He is warm, welcoming and obviously extremely talented! He grew up on a council estate in South Wales, throughout the 60’s and 70s. His work is inspired greatly by his surroundings and experiences. Osian then lived abroad for a while as he matured, finally settling back home, in Llanidloes fairly recently. Stepping into someone’s art studio is such a difficult feeling to describe-it’s like you’re trespassing into someone’s thought process and it’s such a unique yet beautiful feeling. A very interesting and eye opening day filled with the most beautiful artwork and some very touching stories. There is something so special about local art and artists”


A living Welsh landscape painter

Initially, Osian’s big ideas begin in his sketchbook whilst he is out on location. Next, he transfers the basic structure into the composition of the painting. Often, this is is nothing more than a few simple lines. Furthermore, he often paints several paintings at the same time. In this case, this enables him to keep his paintings fresh and alive with spontaneous energy.

landscape paintings in process
I start several paintings at the same time

Each painting begins with a grisaille underpainting. In other words, an underpainting of grey tones. This is to establish the darkest darks and the lightest lights. This all helps to add depth to the painting in the later stages. Sometimes, Osian decides to leave them as they are.

Increasing the saturation

Next, Osian begins to block in areas of muted colour. After, he introduces a subtle range of earth colours such as burnt umber and yellow ochre, as shown below. During this stage, a transparent glaze is created by adding liquin medium to the paint. At the same time, the focus is to gradually add more and more saturation with each additional layer. Over time, the painting develops a three-dimensional appearance. Meanwhile, Osian allows room for the painting to breathe. As a result, he lets the painting decide what direction it needs to go.

150 Welsh Landscape paintings framed and ready for sale in the gallery

Because Osian works with such energy new ideas often present themselves during the painting process. He will explore what comes up in a body of work until another idea presents itself. Therefore, Osian’s work continues to evolve from one body of work to another. He prefers to evolve rather than have a particular style which confines him.

Contemporary Welsh landscape artist
Black Mountains oil on canvas 121cm x 121cm

Finally, if you want to learn more about contemporary Welsh landscape artist Osian Gwent why not follow @artbyosian on Instagram.

Contemporary modern Welsh artists

Contemporary modern Welsh artists

A group of contemporary modern Welsh artists exhibit at the Mid Wales Arts Centre. The group of BA and MA Fine Art graduates also include several award-winning artists. In addition, the group also has a number of highly talented self-taught artists.

The exhibition entitled “Hidden“, allows each artist to interpret the theme in their own way. In addition, Mid Wales Arts Centre is a gallery of excellence which supports and promotes contemporary modern Welsh artists and painters.

Many people attended the opening with numbers spilling out into the garden areas. Feedback from the general public proved to be highly favourable to the contemporary artists and painters.

A modern Welsh artist

Above all, as a living Welsh artist myself, it is vitally important we help to support and encourage one another. Too many living artists work in isolation. Which is why I am proactive in helping others in their practice.

living artist

My inspiration for these contemporary paintings is taken from the local landscape. I love it when the weather begins to close in over the mountains. I see before me a hidden, mysterious landscape.

Osian Gwent

“I am a trained figurative painter. I enjoy life as a living contemporary Welsh modern artists. Therefore, I often drift into the abstract. As a result, it’s a place I venture to disconnect from the rules. I enjoy the act of manipulating paint. Therefore, I focus on the simplicity of shape, colour, and texture. Finally, I layer several thin glazes with thicker bolder statements of paint.

“I’m happiest when all the unnecessary details are stripped away. I love expressing the essence of the subject and what it means to me. I do this through movement, contrast, light, form and texture. If I can keep it loose and fresh whilst throwing my energy into a spontaneous mess, that’s when I truly connect.”

It gives me great pleasure to work alongside other contemporary modern Welsh artists.

Modern Art Gallery

Original Welsh art for sale by Osian Gwent

Art by Osian opened for business in January 2019. The art gallery is in the centre of Llanidloes. Osian creates expressive, original Welsh landscape art paintings for sale. Osian’s paintings sell throughout the U.K. as well as international sales to North America, Europe and Asia.

“I would encourage everyone to take the opportunity to visit his studio and gallery in Llanidloes to view a slection of his modern and contemporary artwork”

Russell George Assembly Member for Wales

Osian’s original Welsh landscape art paintings are both contemporary and expressive. His landscape oil paintings are about Wales which is where he mainly gets his inspiration from. He is a prolific artist and produces several paintings a week. His work is constantly evolving. In addition, he explores news ideas that often develop during the painting process. He will often explore this as a theme within a body of new work.

Osian exhibits locally as well as throughout the region. Recently, he held a solo exhibition of Welsh landscape art paintings for sale at the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff.

Welsh Assembly member Russell George with contemporary Welsh Artist Osian Gwent
Solo exhibition at The Senedd (Welsh Assembly) Cardiff. Pictured with Assembly Member Russell George.

Landscape paintings about Wales

Sales have been good all year round. The best week of the year saw 12 original Welsh landscape art paintings for sale across the world. The most bizarre sale occurred during the summer. Having lived in Atlanta GA for 12 years, I was most surprised to sell an original landscape painting to a couple from Staffordshire who now live in Atlanta just a few streets away from my former home!

The gallery has been busy with the sale of original Welsh landscape art in the lead up to Christmas. By the same token, buyers and collectors have gone for more contemporary landscape paintings.

In 2020 there will be an opportunity to exhibit in London once again as well as exhibiting for the first time in Derry Northern Ireland later next year. Consequently, the ideas for the latter exhibition are to integrate landscape paintings of Wales and Northen Ireland.