Corona Virus COVID 19 gallery safety guidelines

Coronavirus COVID-19 Gallery Guidelines

Safety is paramount. As lockdown measures ease, Art by Osian has reopened its doors to the public. We are implementing rigid Coronavirus COVID-19 Gallery Guidelines for visiting the gallery. We shall adhere to the Government’s Guidance and The Arts Council of Wales recommendations. This is to facilitate social distancing and ensure the safety of our visitors and staff.

The team will be maintaining social distancing measures with colleagues, friends and visitors. Rigorous personal hygiene is already in place with frequent washing of hands. In addition, a regular disinfecting regime is already in place. This includes frequent cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces inside and out of the gallery.

Our opening hours will be: Monday-Saturday, 10:00-14:00 for the time being.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are unwell and have symptoms please stay at home and follow the NHS advice about coronavirus.

Safety Guidelines at Art by Osian

It is not necessary to book an appointment to visit the gallery, however in order to manage the visitors’ flow only two people from the same household will be allowed into the gallery at any one time. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times and should not, under any circumstance, be allowed to touch any surface or artwork in the gallery.

Firstly, wearing of face coverings is optional in Wales. Secondly, our staff will be wearing masks as a precautionary measure. Thirdly, hand sanitiser is available near the entrance. We ask all visitors to make use of this upon arrival inline with our Coronavirus COVID-19 Gallery Guidelines

Exhibition text is displayed on the gallery wall and a link is provided to our website where further information is accessible via your personal devices.

Please note there will be no access to Art by Osian’s communal spaces including toilets.


Putting Hand Gels at entry + exit doors

Changing our work routines and opening times to keep our staff and you safe

Running an appointment service if required so you can see the gallery /come to the shop alone

Introducing a collection service so you can see and buy safely (and a delivery service for smaller items)

Introducing a flow system

Re-organising our stock and shop so you can keep safe and keep your distance

Limiting the number of people in the space at any one time

Allowing you to pack your own purchases if you prefer

Washing our hands regularly

Not coming in if we have symptoms

Social Distancing

Providing our staff with masks, gloves and personal safety materials

Increasing our cleaning schedules


Stay away if you have a cough, fever or have lost your sense of taste or smell

Keep your distance

Respect our staff

Use the hand gel on your way in

Pay by card only

Try not to touch the stock unless you are buying

Don’t sit on the chairs

Try to shop alone if possible

Look after children

If you have any questions about any of these safety measures in place, please send us an email at

We look forward to safely welcoming you back to Art by Osian.

Further information and guidance for other artists. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The Big Thank You Mural

The Big Thank You Mural

In March 2020, I was approached by the owner of the Great Oak Cafe, Scott Ottewill, with the initial idea to paint a mural to say thank you to the NHS. My gallery, ‘Art by Osian’, was closed due to lock-down. This was a perfect opportunity for me to honour and give thanks to all our essential workers, who are going above and beyond at this time. It’s all about them.

I began painting the mural on April 15th and completed it on June 2nd. In all, it took 127 hours to paint from start to finish. As it progressed I kept referring to it as The Big Thank You mural.

The Big Thank You mural measures 17.5ft x 8ft. It is situated inside the community garden belonging to Compton’s Yard Trust. The work features well-known landmarks and various individuals local to the Llanidloes area. The main emphasis pays tribute to all essential workers including the local postie who went on his rounds as spiderman.

Thank you, essential workers!

I have attempted to represent all parts of lockdown life, not just in Llanidloes but nationwide – from the farmers continuing to work in the fields providing our food, the bin men, retailers and posties dressing up, the emergency services on the frontline, the soldiers building hospitals and testing stations and of course Captain Tom, but also back in time to John Wesley preaching at the stone by the market hall, to the places we treasure & dearly miss visiting like Clywedog Dam. 

I kept Scott and the cafe staff up to date with the progress of The Big Thank You by posting regular time-lapse video clips to the staff messaging group. They really looked forward to watching the scene unfold and appreciating each new detail I added. 

“I certainly didn’t expect the detailed masterpiece that is now the centrepiece of our special café garden. I sincerely hope many people will be able to come and sit in the garden of the GOC and admire this incredibly beautiful piece of art, once lockdown is over” Scott Ottewill

It has been a joy for me to paint this mural. I have included certain things that only locals would get. It’s bold and colourful with defined lines. It is like a gigantic colouring book with juxtaposed angles of perspective! My favourite character has to be Vicky the dinosaur, who brought a huge smile to all our faces during lock-down. 

Co-managers of the Great Oak Cafe Gail Bell and Robert Plumbley said, “The mural depicts everything that our community is about and enhances the beautiful gardens for all our customers to enjoy for years to come”.

And finally

I was approached by a local school teacher. She wanted to base one of her online art lessons on The Big Thank You Mural. We decided on doing a video with a voiceover. And so here it is. I do hope you enjoy watching it as I walk you through the process from start to finish.

A walk through showing you the process from start to finish

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