Contemporary modern Welsh artists

Contemporary modern Welsh artists

A group of contemporary modern Welsh artists exhibit at the Mid Wales Arts Centre. The group of BA and MA Fine Art graduates also include several award-winning artists. In addition, the group also has a number of highly talented self-taught artists.

The exhibition entitled “Hidden“, allows each artist to interpret the theme in their own way. In addition, Mid Wales Arts Centre is a gallery of excellence which supports and promotes contemporary modern Welsh artists and painters.

Many people attended the opening with numbers spilling out into the garden areas. Feedback from the general public proved to be highly favourable to the contemporary artists and painters.

A modern Welsh artist

Above all, as a living Welsh artist myself, it is vitally important we help to support and encourage one another. Too many living artists work in isolation. Which is why I am proactive in helping others in their practice.

living artist

My inspiration for these contemporary paintings is taken from the local landscape. I love it when the weather begins to close in over the mountains. I see before me a hidden, mysterious landscape.

Osian Gwent

“I am a trained figurative painter. I enjoy life as a living contemporary Welsh modern artists. Therefore, I often drift into the abstract. As a result, it’s a place I venture to disconnect from the rules. I enjoy the act of manipulating paint. Therefore, I focus on the simplicity of shape, colour, and texture. Finally, I layer several thin glazes with thicker bolder statements of paint.

“I’m happiest when all the unnecessary details are stripped away. I love expressing the essence of the subject and what it means to me. I do this through movement, contrast, light, form and texture. If I can keep it loose and fresh whilst throwing my energy into a spontaneous mess, that’s when I truly connect.”

It gives me great pleasure to work alongside other contemporary modern Welsh artists.

Contemporary modern Welsh artists

Hidden Art Exhibition


Hidden presents a selection of art on exhibition from 16 members of Artistiad Llanidloes (Llanidloes Artists). The group include; Sandy Craig, Leanne Cordingly-Wright, Diane Rose, Gini Wade, Jeremy Andrews, Charlotte Lloyd, Vivi-Mari Carpelan, Andrew Baldwin, Junko Burton, Jacob Deakin, Irene Gardiner, Erin L Hughes, Annie Levy, Nia Newson, Bronwyn Strugnell and Osian Gwent.

The concept of the art exhibition came from a discussion on how artists, and particularly rural artists, often inhabit a space outside of public gaze. Most work in isolation at home or in their studios or keep themselves tucked away in the hills. Even if you actively search it can be difficult to find which artists live and work in this area. This presents something of an issue for a practice that actually requires public interaction.

Primarily this exhibition aims to make visible the talent that exists in and around Llanidloes. By bringing together visual artists and presenting their work in one space it shows more clearly the range and volume of creative work that is happening in the area.

The artists have been asked to submit work on the theme Hidden, a word which can be interpreted many different ways, with endless associations. From work exploring visual elements or places which are literally obscured or hidden, to the hidden depths of the subconscious, or experiences of hidden physical conditions, the work presented explores a wide range of subjects, each as unique as the individual artists that made them.

Llanidloes Artists was formed in August 2018 to support local artists and promote Llanidloes as a vibrant creative town. The group includes artists from a wide range of disciplines, backgrounds and experience and as such it acts as a melting pot of talent encouraging dynamic discussion of work and a place to explore ideas.

On show will be painting, print, textile, installation. There will be workshops and residencies associated with this exhibition. Opening event 12th May 3-5pm with refreshments available. Music by Gini Wade.

Pictured left to right Sandy Craig, Leanne Cordingly-Wright, Diane Rose, Gini Wade, Jeremy Andrews, Charlotte Lloyd, Vivi-Mari Carpelan and Osian Gwent.

More info about Hidden Art Exhibition at facebook instagram

Mid Wales Arts Centre Caersws Powys 01686 688 369

Hidden Exhibition Welsh group of artists from Llanidloes Mid Wales outside Mid Wales Arts Centre Powys
Llanidloes Artists

Mid Wales Pop Up Exhibition Artists

Powys Exhibition

Mid Wales Pop Up Arts Exhibition

Deep in the heart of Wales, lies one of the most beautiful towns in the country. It’s one of Wales’ best-kept secrets. For that reason, it is a magnet for artists and creative individuals. Llanidloes or ‘Llani’, punches well above its weight for the number of artists, writers, musicians living there. The recently formed Llanidloes Artists Group have been meeting to support and encourage each others practice. Meanwhile, the artists are about to show their work in a joint Mid Wales Pop Up Arts Exhibition.

The exhibition will be held at the former Nat West Bank in Great Oak Street, Llanidloes. It opens on December 1, and the show closes on December 8th.

Late night opening is on Saturday, December 1st from 5pm-7pm. This coincides with the switching on of the towns Christmas lights. All other opening times will be from 10:30am-2: 30 pm daily, except Sunday.

The work on show includes photography, printmaking, ceramics, drawings and paintings.

The artists represented include; Irene Gardiner, Nia Newson, Bronwyn Strugnell, Terri Sweeney, Andy Warren, Leanne Cordingley-Wright, Sandy Craig, Vivi-Mari Carpelan, Diane Rose, Gini Wade, Marg Munyard, Annie Levy, Erin Laura Hughes and Osian Gwent.

For more information about the group visit

Featured Artist: Erin Laura Hughes

Mid Wales Pop Up Arts Exhibition

© copyright 2018 Erin Laura Hughes all rights reserved

“Erin Hughes received her MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art, London 2018. After completing her BA in Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford, she spent four years living and working in Berlin. She is a co-founder of Cypher Space, Berlin and Cypher Billboard, London. Recent works use fake wood and marble laminates to recreate inlay effects like parquet flooring or Pietre Dure.”

Erin will be exhibiting at the Mid Wales Pop Up Arts Exhibition. Get in touch with Erin, or see more of her work via the link below.

Featured Artist: Leanne Cordingley-Wright

Mid Wales Pop Up Arts Exhibition

© copyright 2018 Leanne Cordingley-Wright all rights reserved

“Leanne Cordingley-Wright is a graphic designer with a background in psychology and sociology. Her artwork sees the fusion of these areas of interest as she uses a variety of media, including collage and screen printing to explore ideas surrounding identity, the subconscious mind and social, political and environmental issues.

Leanne lives and works in Llanidloes, where she runs the art and graphic design practice, Studio Mayfly.”

Leanne will be exhibiting at the Mid Wales Pop Up Arts Exhibition.

Featured Artist: Diane Rose

Mid Wales Pop Up Arts Exhibition

© copyright 2018 Diane Rose all rights reserved

“I work in various artistic mediums and subject matter and particularly the natural world.

The ever-changing moods of the elements and the forms and shapes within the land are what defines my art. I find working within the landscape itself particularly rewarding where my preparatory work connects me directly with the individuality and character of the seasons.

Having lived in numerous different geographic locations throughout my life – including ten years resident in Spain, and now beautiful Mid Wales, the fascinating diversity of nature remains a strongly motivational factor and is the constant inspiration for original new projects.”

Diane will be exhibiting at the Mid Wales Pop Up Arts Exhibition.

Featured Artist: Gini Wade

Mid Wales Pop Up Arts Exhibition

© copyright 2018 Gini Wade all rights reserved

“Gini Wade, originally from London, has lived most of her life near Llanidloes.
After a long career writing and illustrating children’s books, she now works in a variety of
media, including printmaking, animation, oil painting, & ceramics. She is a director of Aberystwyth Printmakers and her prints and animations have been exhibited worldwide.”

Gini will be exhibiting at the Mid Wales Pop Up Arts Exhibition.

Featured artist: Annie Levy

Mid Wales Pop Up Arts Exhibition

© copyright 2018 Annie Levy all rights reserved

“My collage work uses a thousand pieces, collected into ever smaller bits, to speak about: memory and imagination; discovery and loss; dream and hyper-reality; past and future; the domestic and the wild; rupture and repair.

I think a lot about ecological emergency and how beauty can be salvaged and whether a fragment represents loss or the possibility of regeneration.

I also try for a visual balance in composition and colour. Many pieces are three-dimensional, mixed media constructions. In ripping and cutting, I question “permanence” and “the future” and material culture in a vulnerable world. There is a strong affection for recycling and reuse — the medium is the message — in many of my pieces.”

Featured artist: Vivi-Mari Carpelan

Mid Wales Pop Up art exhibition

© copyright 2018 Vivi-Mari Carpelan all rights reserved

“I’m a mixed media and sound artist from Finland who relocated to Llanidloes in 2010. I have exhibited in several countries since 1991.

In my work, I explore transition, transformation, paradox and change. Through methods of collaging and layering, I offer an impression of reality that surpasses that of the material world and points to the ambivalent realm of the inner self.

My current medium of choice is photography. The creative process of layering my photographs is done on an iPhone and printed onto high-quality paper using high-quality ink.”

Vivi-Mari will be exhibiting at the Mid Wales Pop Up Arts Exhibition.

Featured artist: Marg Munyard

Mid Wales art exhibition

© copyright 2018 Marg Munyard all rights reserved

My four visits……… have been an ongoing spiritual journey. They are where I go not to solve the riddle but to sense the mystery” Courtney Milne: landscape photographer

I’ve been making mainly landscape photographs since the late 1970’s. I make and make (often almost the same) images. I eventually figured out it’s about my connection with The Mystery.
It doesn’t matter how often I see filtered light on water; sun through foliage; freezing waterfalls, fading blooms or thunderous seascapes; every time I’m spellbound. Every time feels to be the first.
I continue to make that connection.
Marg Munyard December 2018

“Man has lost the capacity to foresee and to forestall. He will end by destroying the earth”
Albert Schweitzer: Philosopher (pre 1962)

Featured artist: Bronwyn Strugnell

Mid Wales art exhibition

© copyright 2018 Bronwyn Strugnell all rights reserved

“I paint in different media according to the subject and what I want to express.
This varies from landscapes en plain air to detailed still life paintings in oils, following the style of the Old Dutch Masters.

I am a member of the Valley Arts and Crafts group at Lake Vyrnwy and have exhibited at various venues such as Hafren theatre, Oswestry Visitor and Exhibition Centre and have another exhibition there during the month of May in 2019.”

Featured artist: Sandy Craig

Mid Wales art exhibition

© copyright 2018 Sandy Craig all rights reserved

“My work explores the theory of Endurantism, investigating the persisting identity of places and objects across time. I am drawn to those that continue, often beyond their intended time and function; domestic and sentimental objects, places and tools of bygone industry, ephemera, weather-worn buildings and landscapes.
My practice involves drawing, painting and printmaking. Currently, I am exploring somatic mark making and repetition drawings as a perceptive and emotional interaction with the subject as it experiences subtle change.

I live near Llanidloes and have exhibited in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Publications include the Imago Mundi catalogue of the Luciano Benetton Collection ‘So Many Different Suns ~ Contemporary Artists from Wales’, 2017.”

Featured artist: Nia Newson

© copyright 2018 Nia Newson all rights reserved

“I’m an illustrator and surface pattern designer originally from Llanidloes. I’ve recently returned to the area having spent eights years studying textile design and then working in the design industry in Cardiff. I now split my time between teaching Art & Design at Newtown college and creating illustrations for prints, cards and educational resources. I work digitally and enjoy creating patterns and texture within my illustrations. Having grown up in Mid-Wales, my work tends to be inspired by the outdoors and the people who explore it.”

Featured Artist: Osian Gwent

mountain landscape oil painting

landscape oil painting © copyright 2018 Osian Gwent all rights reserved

Traditionally trained, I spent four years at art school, as a figurative fine art painter. However, in contrast, my recent work is morphing into an expressive, intuitive, contemporary modern art style. I am considered by many to be a prolific painter.

Osian will be exhibiting at the Mid Wales Pop Up Arts Exhibition in Llanidloes, 1-8th December at the old Natwest Building.

job opportunity in Venice

Job opportunity in Venice with the Welsh Arts Council

International Development Opportunity for Early Career Artists and Curators

Are you looking for a job opportunity in Venice? Do you want to develop your international experience and networks? Furthermore, who do you know who is passionate about the visual arts in Wales? If this is of interest to you or someone you know, please read on.


The Venice Biennale

The Venice Biennale of Art is the leading international event for the Visual Arts. It attracts an attendance today of over 615,000 visitors. In addition, it pulls in over 23,000 key international curators, including critics, collectors and artists. Furthermore, the event draws in several political and cultural representatives to the three-day preview alone. The exhibition takes place in two official sites in Venice. Firstly, the Arsenale, which hosts the international exhibition. Secondly, the Giardini di Castello in the east of the city, which houses the historic national pavilions.


Job Opportunity in Venice

This vacancy is available through Cymru yn Fenis (Wales in Venice) 2019. This will be of particular interest to Artists and Curators looking for International Development.

The Arts Council of Wales are offering an exciting employment opportunity to work in Venice. The Arts Council of Wales was founded in 1994. Additionally, it is responsible for funding and developing the arts in Wales.

Do, does this employment opportunity to work in Venice appeal to you? If so, visit this link for an application pack for this exciting job opportunity in Venice from here: Invigilator Plus 2019

Photo credit: by Ingeborg Gärtner-Grein on Unsplash

Invigilator Plus Application 2019

win an iMac Pro

Win an iMac Pro

Win an iMac Pro


Win an iMac Pro with Elegant Themes. Their Black Friday sale is coming on November 23rd and is going to be something really special.

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A contemporary modern artist from Wales and the United Kingdom

Artist Opportunities Open Calls

Looking for Open Calls for Art Prizes & Bursaries and other Artist Opportunities?  Whether you paint, draw, sketch or sculpt, there is an Open Exhibition to submit to. Here you can find up to date information about open calls for artists, including exhibitions, artists opportunities, funding information and residencies.

Competitions for Artists

 Royal Society of Portrait Painters
 Royal Society of Portrait Painters 

Royal Society of Portrait Painters

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mobile telephone

Artist Opportunities


The VIA Arts Prize Open call for Visual Artists is an open call Ibero-American themed contest. Submit original works on the theme ‘Dialogues’. We accept painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media, collage, drawing, engraving, digital print, textiles and tapestry. Film and performance art is not accepted.

1st prize £5,000, 2nd £2,000.


**Deadline 22 October 2018

B&R Productions – Time to Stare Bursary

open call for visual artists

Residential bursaries for small to medium-sized arts companies. However, applications are welcome from individual practitioners and arts partnerships.  Especially from those seeking to develop the first stage of a new work.

B&R Productions acknowledge the need for practitioners to become more resilient and innovative. Generally, seeking sustainable ways that do not compromise an original passion or creative process. So to enable this, we have secured Arts Council England. This funding is to launch residential bursaries for the development of a specific project or work. The programme responds to the need for small/medium sized companies. Including arts partnerships to escape from the daily demands of management and delivery.

The 5-day residency, valued at £2,000, includes mentor sessions and project reviews with B&R
Productions directors, and 5 nights self-catering accommodation in East Sussex, in February 2019.
Find out more here:

**Deadline for this open call for visual artists 19 October 2018

Qube Arts Open

AIR GALLERY, Altrincham
Open call for visual artists: MONITOR
We are seeking artworks that explore the relationship between ourselves and the technology we use.
Examples of topics could include:
 Social Media
 Avatars and online presence
 Internet
 Virtual selves vs reality
 Impact of technology on our lives
 Our reliance on technology
 VR and fictional worlds
 The act of monitoring others online and how online services monitor us
 And anything else that could fall into the overall theme.
This is free to enter. Artists must provide their own equipment. All art forms are welcome.
DEADLINE: 1 November 2018

Call for Artists: PLAY
We are seeking sculptural work that explores the theme of Play.
However, we are particularly interested in work(s) that encompasses one of the following:
 Encourage new thinking about sculpture or sculpture history
 Raising public awareness and/or appreciation of sculpture
 Has an element of interactivity
 Has an element of public engagement.
 Is a unique approach to sculpture and/or pushes the boundaries of sculpture today.
Artists can enter up to three works for consideration. Artists can also enter new works or concepts for works as long as they have a track record of completing projects and can provide a detailed description of what they are proposing to do. So this is free to enter for an exhibition in late 2019. For more information, please visit our website:

 **Deadline 11 November 2018

Lightnight 2019, Liverpool

Artist commissions

LightNight is a free one-night arts festival. Namely, it aims to shine a spotlight on Liverpool and celebrating its world-class cultural offer. Furthermore, LightNight is back in Liverpool on 17 May 2019. The theme for the festival is ‘Ritual’. We are looking to offer commissions to individual artists or collectives (£1 – 3k). This will be for a small number of new works to be presented at next year’s festival. Proposals are welcome across all art forms. Coupled with visual arts, including performance, sculpture, spoken word, technology, installation, light art or any combination of these.

For more information, read the full brief on our website:

** DEADLINE: 5 November 2018


Jerwood/Photoworks Awards

These awards support photographers, or artists using photography. However, it is intended for those who make new work and explore new experimental approaches to photography. The Awards are open to arts practitioners using photography who are within 10 years of establishing their practice. There is no application fee. As a result, two Awardees will each receive:
 £10,000 to support the making of new work
 Access to an additional production fund of £5,000
PLUS High-profile mentoring support, a two-person exhibition in London and a UK joint exhibition tour.
Visit the website for full information:

** DEADLINE: 5 November 2018


Adult Fairytale Competition 2018

Can you bring a classic up to date? Or weave a magical fantasy world entirely of your own devising? The choice is yours, but entries for this competition will need to meet a definition of fairytales. Including, a length between 1,500- 1,700 words. Furthermore, the winner will receive £200.
** DEADLINE: 15 October 2018

Picture Book Prize 2018

Do you want to win a consultation with literary agent Julia Churchill? Or maybe a critique from children’s author Amy Sparkes in our exclusive Picture Book Prize. So then, the award is open to all unpublished writers. Including, un-agented writers. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for you to submit picture book texts. Similarly, entries must reflect traditionally published picture book texts which do not rely on pop-ups. Including tabs or touch to help deliver the story. Above all, the story should be fiction and can be rhyming or non-rhyming. Thus, the word count should be no more than 800 words.

So the first prize winner will be offered a lunch consultation with top children’s fiction agent Julia Churchill, including a year’s subscription to Writing Magazine and £200.

**DEADLINE: 31 October 2018

Autumn Poetry Competition

First of all, submit poems in any style but on autumn themes. The season has provided creative fuel for generations of poets. So then, your biggest challenge will be finding something new to say, or a new way to say it. Finally, there are no restrictions other than the 40-line limit. The winner receives £100.
** DEADLINE: 15 November 2018

Flash Fiction Open Call Competition

Write on any subject or theme you wish. Similarly, in any genre or style. However, keep it tight, because your length limit is just 500 words. The winner will receive £200.
** DEADLINE: 15 November 2018

Entry fee £5. To see details of all our writing contests, visit:



Freelance Festival Manager
First of all, we are looking for a Freelance Festival Manager to join the delivery team for DAF 2019.
Furthermore, the Festival Manager will oversee the coordination of the festival programme. Thus, ensuring logistics and requirements are managed effectively. Hence all events must run smoothly. Finally, we are looking for someone with:
 Firstly, at least 2 years’ experience working on a Festival, or other arts-related events/projects in a
coordination/management role.
 Secondly, experience in working with a wide range of partners and organisations.
 Flexible approach to working thus willing to work weekends and evenings as and when required.
 Excellent time management and prioritisation skills.
 Good IT skills.
 Good communication skills.
 Positive and enthusiastic attitude.
 Finally, some technical knowledge of sound and venue equipment.
For more details, visit:

**DEADLINE: 15 October 2018

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Open Call Exhibitions June 2018


The Great North Art Show

open call exhibitions for artists invites northern artists to submit work for an exciting exhibition of contemporary art, held in Ripon Cathedral, North Yorkshire.

Painters, printmakers, textile artists, photographers, sculptors, and illustrators can submit six artworks to be hung as a body of work.

Prizes available:
Best Picture in Show £1,000,
Best Artist and Body of Work in Show £1000,
Best Print or Etching in Show £750,
Great Art UK Prize for Best Newcomer £250.

visit: for full information.

**Deadline 1 July 2018

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