Welsh Artist show at the National Assembly for Wales

Welsh Artists solo show in the nation’s parliament

The expressive art of Welsh artist and painter Osian Gwent recently featured in a solo exhibition at the National Assembly for Wales.

Osian’s exhibition sponsored by Assembly Member Russell George took place from July – November 2019. The exhibition showcased a selection of his larger canvasses.

Osian studied painting at Newport and Cheltenham schools of fine art. After this, he continued further studies in Oxford and Bath. For 21 years, he lived overseas both in Asia and America. Finally, Osian returned to Wales in 2016 to establish himself as a full-time Welsh artist.

In 2018, he was approached by the National Library of Wales with a request to archive his work. He has since exhibited his work in London at the Welsh Contemporary Artists Exhibition. Similarly, he exhibits around the region.

In January 2019, he opened Art by Osian. A Welsh artists studio and gallery on Short Bridge Street in Llanidloes. The art gallery is open Monday to Saturday from 10 am – 4 pm. Private appointments outside these hours are welcome.

His work is to be curated later next year for an exhibition in Derry, Northern Ireland. Consequently, Osian will be visiting the region seeking inspiration for his new body of work. He plans to merge both the Irish and Welsh landscapes into his future paintings. Thus, creating a sense of unity and therefore, something the two regions share in common.

Senedd exhibition for Welsh artist, Osian Gwent

Mr George added, “I would like to thank Osian for exhibiting his work at the Senedd. Therefore, I was delighted to welcome him to Cardiff Bay by inviting him to see his work on display”.

“He is an incredibly talented artist and painter. It was my pleasure to be able to facilitate the exhibition by showcasing the work of a living Welsh artist and painter from mid-Wales. I would encourage everyone to take the opportunity to visit his studio and gallery in Llanidloes.

He has an excellent selection of modern and contemporary
artwork on show.”

Russell George

Osian Gwent added: “First of all, I am thankful for this opportunity to add a little colour to the corridors of power. Secondly, I am extremely grateful to Russell George AM. His support and encouragement of the arts in Wales and Welsh artists, in general, is invaluable.

“In addition, I would like to thank the members of the Welsh Assembly staff who also help Welsh artists. They helped to facilitate and coordinate this solo exhibition.”

Welsh artists Osian Gwent
PICTURED: Russell George AM and Welsh artist and painter Osian Gwent at his solo exhibition at the National Assembly for Wales.

Osian Gwent Welsh artist and painter

Modern Art Gallery

Original Welsh art for sale by Osian Gwent

Art by Osian opened for business in January 2019. The art gallery is in the centre of Llanidloes. Osian creates expressive, original Welsh landscape art paintings for sale. Osian’s paintings sell throughout the U.K. as well as international sales to North America, Europe and Asia.

“I would encourage everyone to take the opportunity to visit his studio and gallery in Llanidloes to view a slection of his modern and contemporary artwork”

Russell George Assembly Member for Wales

Osian’s original Welsh landscape art paintings are both contemporary and expressive. His landscape oil paintings are about Wales which is where he mainly gets his inspiration from. He is a prolific artist and produces several paintings a week. His work is constantly evolving. In addition, he explores news ideas that often develop during the painting process. He will often explore this as a theme within a body of new work.

Osian exhibits locally as well as throughout the region. Recently, he held a solo exhibition of Welsh landscape art paintings for sale at the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff.

Welsh Assembly member Russell George with contemporary Welsh Artist Osian Gwent
Solo exhibition at The Senedd (Welsh Assembly) Cardiff. Pictured with Assembly Member Russell George.

Landscape paintings about Wales

Sales have been good all year round. The best week of the year saw 12 original Welsh landscape art paintings for sale across the world. The most bizarre sale occurred during the summer. Having lived in Atlanta GA for 12 years, I was most surprised to sell an original landscape painting to a couple from Staffordshire who now live in Atlanta just a few streets away from my former home!

The gallery has been busy with the sale of original Welsh landscape art in the lead up to Christmas. By the same token, buyers and collectors have gone for more contemporary landscape paintings.

In 2020 there will be an opportunity to exhibit in London once again as well as exhibiting for the first time in Derry Northern Ireland later next year. Consequently, the ideas for the latter exhibition are to integrate landscape paintings of Wales and Northen Ireland.

new gallery in Wales

New gallery in Wales

Two weeks ago, an opportunity to open a new gallery in Wales with a working studio came up for grabs. Art by Osian will be featuring the recent work of Powys based Welsh artist Osian Gwent, deep in the heart of mid-Wales.

new gallery in Wales
Celf gan Osian / art by Osian

As one door was closing another was opening, which promptly shut again. Much to my disappointment.

Life wouldn’t be life without a few deviations

In April 2018, the lease on my former studio and gallery in Aberystwyth came to an end. I enjoyed working by the sea but the two-hour commute was the least favourite part of the day. Not so bad in the summer but a drag during short winter days.

I had inside information that a commercial building close to home was about to become vacant. The timing and the location couldn’t be more perfect. Thus, I could move from one building into another. Secretly, I had been keeping my eye on this particular building as a potential new gallery in Wales for the previous 12 months. Therefore, I put my name forward as soon as I heard it was available. However, to my disappointment, someone beat me to it.

new gallery in Wales
expressive • contemporary • modern art

Plan and prepare

In short, I now had to work from home. Not ideal by any means but I made the best of the situation. I converted the main bedroom into very a presentable studio, even down to the display and the lighting. The rest of the house became the new Welsh gallery I was yearning for.

Thus, I got on with life and painting whilst keeping an eye open for further opportunities.

Some say it’s luck. Others, it’s meant to be.

To which I reply; it may be both but it’s really about planning and preparation meeting opportunity.

Summer’s treat was travelling and painting around Italy for three weeks.

contemporary oil painting of Venice
Venice Rain 18″ x 12″ oil on canvas 2018 sold

Before long, Autumn was knocking on the door. I then headed out of Wales for Christmas and New year. On my return, I noticed the premises I longed for appeared to be semi-vacant. The following day it was completely empty and back on the market. I jumped without hesitation. And this time, I can announce that a new gallery in Wales will be officially opening in the next few days.

New year – new gallery in Wales

I signed the lease 13 days ago. Work began immediately with repairing the front display. To begin with, the wood rot was replaced with sound timber.

new gallery in Wales
New Welsh gallery painted Hague Blue

Next, came painting the exterior. I am rather fond of jade, teal, aqua and turquoise as a family group of colours. But for this building, the colour sample wasn’t working. With time at a premium, a quick decision had to be made. I looked at the Farrow and Ball website for ideas. A friend suggested Hague Blue. It is perfect for this building. This new gallery in Wales is aiming for a classy look. Sophisticated metropolitan city meets intimate Welsh town.

In the meantime, attention turned to painting the interior. The greys, in particular, took several coats before everything was final because they are darker in nature.

By the way, living in Welsh Wales, it is important to feature the native language and give it equal recognition to English. Firstly, bilingual lettering appeared on the windows. Secondly, a suitable hanging system for galleries was researched and later installed. Stas gallery hanging system is a perfect choice. In addition to this, a condensation issue was also fixed. In the meantime attention to storage and organisation was finely tuned as this is also a working studio.

Welsh modern art
expressive • contemporary • modern art

Art by Osian

Art by Osian opens as a new gallery in Wales and a working studio from 10am-2pm Monday to Friday. Saturday 12pm-4pm. These are the core hours. Private appointments are welcome. Call 07484 763507‬ or email hello@osiangwent.com to discuss arrangements.

Visitors are welcome to meet the artist, chat or even watch the process of painting in real time.

Paintings by the artist are currently on show at The Mid Wales Arts Centre and Laurels Gallery.

Art by Osian • 3 Short Bridge Street • Llanidloes • Powys • Wales • SY18 6AD

Welsh expressive contemporary modern art
Working Studio opening hours

Storm Callum hits Wales

Storm Callum a Warning for Wales

Callum shows Wales no mercy…

Storm Callum is on its way. The Met Office issues an Amber Warning as gale force winds hit the country, consequently issuing a warning for flooding. Most of Wales will experience increased travel delays, power cuts and potential risk to life and damage to property. Severe weather will continue hit Britain this Friday, bringing with it a month’s worth of rain in just two days. Continue reading Storm Callum a Warning for Wales
mobile telephone

Artist Opportunities


The VIA Arts Prize Open call for Visual Artists is an open call Ibero-American themed contest. Submit original works on the theme ‘Dialogues’. We accept painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media, collage, drawing, engraving, digital print, textiles and tapestry. Film and performance art is not accepted.

1st prize £5,000, 2nd £2,000.

visit: http://www.viaartsprize.org/

**Deadline 22 October 2018

B&R Productions – Time to Stare Bursary

open call for visual artists

Residential bursaries for small to medium-sized arts companies. However, applications are welcome from individual practitioners and arts partnerships.  Especially from those seeking to develop the first stage of a new work.

B&R Productions acknowledge the need for practitioners to become more resilient and innovative. Generally, seeking sustainable ways that do not compromise an original passion or creative process. So to enable this, we have secured Arts Council England. This funding is to launch residential bursaries for the development of a specific project or work. The programme responds to the need for small/medium sized companies. Including arts partnerships to escape from the daily demands of management and delivery.

The 5-day residency, valued at £2,000, includes mentor sessions and project reviews with B&R
Productions directors, and 5 nights self-catering accommodation in East Sussex, in February 2019.
Find out more here: www.bandrproductions.co.uk/the-studio/time-to-stare-bursary/

**Deadline for this open call for visual artists 19 October 2018

Qube Arts Open

AIR GALLERY, Altrincham
Open call for visual artists: MONITOR
We are seeking artworks that explore the relationship between ourselves and the technology we use.
Examples of topics could include:
 Social Media
 Avatars and online presence
 Internet
 Virtual selves vs reality
 Impact of technology on our lives
 Our reliance on technology
 VR and fictional worlds
 The act of monitoring others online and how online services monitor us
 And anything else that could fall into the overall theme.
This is free to enter. Artists must provide their own equipment. All art forms are welcome.
DEADLINE: 1 November 2018

Call for Artists: PLAY
We are seeking sculptural work that explores the theme of Play.
However, we are particularly interested in work(s) that encompasses one of the following:
 Encourage new thinking about sculpture or sculpture history
 Raising public awareness and/or appreciation of sculpture
 Has an element of interactivity
 Has an element of public engagement.
 Is a unique approach to sculpture and/or pushes the boundaries of sculpture today.
Artists can enter up to three works for consideration. Artists can also enter new works or concepts for works as long as they have a track record of completing projects and can provide a detailed description of what they are proposing to do. So this is free to enter for an exhibition in late 2019. For more information, please visit our website: www.airgallery.space/airopen2018

 **Deadline 11 November 2018

Lightnight 2019, Liverpool

Artist commissions

LightNight is a free one-night arts festival. Namely, it aims to shine a spotlight on Liverpool and celebrating its world-class cultural offer. Furthermore, LightNight is back in Liverpool on 17 May 2019. The theme for the festival is ‘Ritual’. We are looking to offer commissions to individual artists or collectives (£1 – 3k). This will be for a small number of new works to be presented at next year’s festival. Proposals are welcome across all art forms. Coupled with visual arts, including performance, sculpture, spoken word, technology, installation, light art or any combination of these.

For more information, read the full brief on our website: lightnightliverpool.co.uk/

** DEADLINE: 5 November 2018


Jerwood/Photoworks Awards

These awards support photographers, or artists using photography. However, it is intended for those who make new work and explore new experimental approaches to photography. The Awards are open to arts practitioners using photography who are within 10 years of establishing their practice. There is no application fee. As a result, two Awardees will each receive:
 £10,000 to support the making of new work
 Access to an additional production fund of £5,000
PLUS High-profile mentoring support, a two-person exhibition in London and a UK joint exhibition tour.
Visit the website for full information: www.jerwoodvisualarts.org/opportunities/jerwoodphotoworks-awards/

** DEADLINE: 5 November 2018


Adult Fairytale Competition 2018

Can you bring a classic up to date? Or weave a magical fantasy world entirely of your own devising? The choice is yours, but entries for this competition will need to meet a definition of fairytales. Including, a length between 1,500- 1,700 words. Furthermore, the winner will receive £200.
** DEADLINE: 15 October 2018

Picture Book Prize 2018

Do you want to win a consultation with literary agent Julia Churchill? Or maybe a critique from children’s author Amy Sparkes in our exclusive Picture Book Prize. So then, the award is open to all unpublished writers. Including, un-agented writers. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for you to submit picture book texts. Similarly, entries must reflect traditionally published picture book texts which do not rely on pop-ups. Including tabs or touch to help deliver the story. Above all, the story should be fiction and can be rhyming or non-rhyming. Thus, the word count should be no more than 800 words.

So the first prize winner will be offered a lunch consultation with top children’s fiction agent Julia Churchill, including a year’s subscription to Writing Magazine and £200.

**DEADLINE: 31 October 2018

Autumn Poetry Competition

First of all, submit poems in any style but on autumn themes. The season has provided creative fuel for generations of poets. So then, your biggest challenge will be finding something new to say, or a new way to say it. Finally, there are no restrictions other than the 40-line limit. The winner receives £100.
** DEADLINE: 15 November 2018

Flash Fiction Open Call Competition

Write on any subject or theme you wish. Similarly, in any genre or style. However, keep it tight, because your length limit is just 500 words. The winner will receive £200.
** DEADLINE: 15 November 2018

Entry fee £5. To see details of all our writing contests, visit:



Freelance Festival Manager
First of all, we are looking for a Freelance Festival Manager to join the delivery team for DAF 2019.
Furthermore, the Festival Manager will oversee the coordination of the festival programme. Thus, ensuring logistics and requirements are managed effectively. Hence all events must run smoothly. Finally, we are looking for someone with:
 Firstly, at least 2 years’ experience working on a Festival, or other arts-related events/projects in a
coordination/management role.
 Secondly, experience in working with a wide range of partners and organisations.
 Flexible approach to working thus willing to work weekends and evenings as and when required.
 Excellent time management and prioritisation skills.
 Good IT skills.
 Good communication skills.
 Positive and enthusiastic attitude.
 Finally, some technical knowledge of sound and venue equipment.
For more details, visit: www.didsburyartsfestival.org/

**DEADLINE: 15 October 2018

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