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Hidden Exhibition


Hidden presents a selection of art on exhibition from 16 members of Artistiad Llanidloes (Llanidloes Artists). The group include; Sandy Craig, Leanne Cordingly-Wright, Diane Rose, Gini Wade, Jeremy Andrews, Charlotte Lloyd, Vivi-Mari Carpelan, Andrew Baldwin, Junko Burton, Jacob Deakin, Irene Gardiner, Erin L Hughes, Annie Levy, Nia Newson, Bronwyn Strugnell and Osian Gwent.

The concept of the art exhibition came from a discussion on how artists, and particularly rural artists, often inhabit a space outside of public gaze. Most work in isolation at home or in their studios or keep themselves tucked away in the hills. Even if you actively search it can be difficult to find which artists live and work in this area. This presents something of an issue for a practice that actually requires public interaction.

Primarily this exhibition aims to make visible the talent that exists in and around Llanidloes. By bringing together visual artists and presenting their work in one space it shows more clearly the range and volume of creative work that is happening in the area.

The artists have been asked to submit work on the theme Hidden, a word which can be interpreted many different ways, with endless associations. From work exploring visual elements or places which are literally obscured or hidden, to the hidden depths of the subconscious, or experiences of hidden physical conditions, the work presented explores a wide range of subjects, each as unique as the individual artists that made them.

Llanidloes Artists was formed in August 2018 to support local artists and promote Llanidloes as a vibrant creative town. The group includes artists from a wide range of disciplines, backgrounds and experience and as such it acts as a melting pot of talent encouraging dynamic discussion of work and a place to explore ideas.

On show in the gallery will be painting, print, textile, installation. There will be workshops and residencies associated with this exhibition. Opening event 12th May 3-5pm with refreshments available. Music by Gini Wade.

Pictured left to right Sandy Craig, Leanne Cordingly-Wright, Diane Rose, Gini Wade, Jeremy Andrews, Charlotte Lloyd, Vivi-Mari Carpelan and Osian Gwent.

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Mid Wales Arts Centre Caersws Powys 01686 688 369 www.midwales.org.uk

Hidden Exhibition Welsh group of artists from Llanidloes Mid Wales outside Mid Wales Arts Centre Powys
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