osiangwent.com is back!

a crashed out plane wreck with cockpit missing
plane crash

Welcome to the new look!

This is my first post using the Gutenberg gold standard! Fellow pressers will know what I mean. It’s a new learning curve for sure, but it seems intuitive enough to get to grips with.

I have been maintaining this site for almost two years. Back then, I knew nothing about domains, hosting, smushing, ftps, PHP, CSS, WordPress, slugs, metadata, plugins, SEO redirects, et al.

Over time, my skill and knowledge base has grown considerably. Enough to realise that all my previous entries, edits, uploads, tweaks, were bogging down the functional mechanics of the site. I saw a potential disaster looming on the horizon.

Oscar…I have a blow out! Steve Austin aka The Six Million Dollar Man

My thoughts ran back to my favourite 70’s show, “The Six Million Dollar Man”. In the opening sequence, our hero Steve Austin struggles to hold his flying brick on course. Suddenly, those immortal words cry out… “Oscar, I have a blow out”. My site was going to blow. It was just a matter of time.

The solution? Cue Oscar…


Last week, I bit the bullet. I didn’t quite have the $6,000,000 that would take rebuild Steve Austin, let alone $100,000,000 he would cost in today’s money. But I did have time. A lot of time. And a willingness to do it.

Sometimes starting over is best

“We can rebuild him”

Oh yes, I knew what lay ahead. Long hours laden with potential landmines. I stepped on a real biggie when I lost 12 hours of work. Most would probably scream out $%^&!.

Oh dear… were the exact words I resigned myself to when Armageddon played itself out in full resolution before me.

My reaction was calm and shall we say, almost a non-event. You see, at some point, when it comes to computers and things, we know deep down disaster is going to happen. It’s a matter of when not if. And for me, it was three days into my project, when I was chewed up and spat out for breakfast.

Having designed my new site from scratch and tested everything, I placed it within a subdomain. Now I could go back to the primary domain and delete the site, safe in the knowledge that I had a backup at hand.

After publishing, many would rest back on their laurels and enjoy the fruits of their labour. I wanted a site that was simple in appearance and a functional experience on the front end, with a well designed internal structure at the back end.

Whether I have achieved that, only time will tell. Talking of time. How long did this rebuild take? Well, I’m not quite ready to hit publish. That is a couple of hours away. It has taken 10 long days and nights. I guess now I can see why website builders charge the money they do.

So, what’s left? I have some analytics to run. Yoast SEO premium to integrate into my posts and pages. Oh, and there is a woo-commerce site coming. That’s a while away. I think the site as it is, without the shop will be up and running within a few hours. The “under construction” landing page will be drawn back and the new osiangwent.com will be revealed and available to the www.

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