Contemporary modern Welsh artists

Llanidloes artists

A group of contemporary modern Welsh artists exhibit at the Mid Wales Arts Centre. The group of BA and MA Fine Art graduates also include several award-winning artists. In addition, the group also has a number of highly talented self-taught artists. The exhibition entitled “Hidden“, allows each artist to interpret the theme in their own… Continue reading Contemporary modern Welsh artists

Powys Exhibition

Osian Gwent, Diane Rose, Leanne Cordingley-Wright, Erin Laura Hughes.

Mid Wales Pop Up Arts Exhibition Deep in the heart of Wales, lies one of the most beautiful towns in the country. It’s one of Wales’ best-kept secrets. For that reason, it is a magnet for artists and creative individuals. Llanidloes or ‘Llani’, punches well above its weight for the number of artists, writers, musicians living… Continue reading Powys Exhibition