Contemporary modern Welsh artists

Contemporary modern Welsh artists

A group of contemporary modern Welsh artists exhibit at the Mid Wales Arts Centre. The group of BA and MA Fine Art graduates also include several award-winning artists. In addition, the group also has a number of highly talented self-taught artists.

The exhibition entitled “Hidden“, allows each artist to interpret the theme in their own way. In addition, Mid Wales Arts Centre is a gallery of excellence which supports and promotes contemporary modern Welsh artists and painters.

Many people attended the opening with numbers spilling out into the garden areas. Feedback from the general public proved to be highly favourable to the contemporary artists and painters.

A modern Welsh artist

Above all, as a living Welsh artist myself, it is vitally important we help to support and encourage one another. Too many living artists work in isolation. Which is why I am proactive in helping others in their practice.

living artist

My inspiration for these contemporary paintings is taken from the local landscape. I love it when the weather begins to close in over the mountains. I see before me a hidden, mysterious landscape.

Osian Gwent

“I am a trained figurative painter. I enjoy life as a living contemporary Welsh modern artists. Therefore, I often drift into the abstract. As a result, it’s a place I venture to disconnect from the rules. I enjoy the act of manipulating paint. Therefore, I focus on the simplicity of shape, colour, and texture. Finally, I layer several thin glazes with thicker bolder statements of paint.

“I’m happiest when all the unnecessary details are stripped away. I love expressing the essence of the subject and what it means to me. I do this through movement, contrast, light, form and texture. If I can keep it loose and fresh whilst throwing my energy into a spontaneous mess, that’s when I truly connect.”

It gives me great pleasure to work alongside other contemporary modern Welsh artists.