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The arts in Wales

Great art should challenge us, surprise us, excite us and inspire us. This statement falls in line with the core belief of the Arts Council of Wales Committee. So, this means there is a compelling case to be made for how we value the arts. Firstly, within our communities. Secondly, inside the broad spectrum of society as a whole. Finally, the way we uphold the past and shape the future of our culture and civilisation.

For instance, who hasn’t at some time in their personal experience, been moved by the statement of a powerful image? Or an outpouring of emotion in response to a work of fine art, or great literature or even music that rocks their senses?

The arts for example, have a habit of reminding us of what it is like to feel and to be human. The arts matter, and here in Wales, many agree. In addition, the arts are something that Wales does well. And we should celebrate that.

The role of the Arts Council of Wales

The arts in Wales give shape and meaning to the everyday things that underpin public life. From the Arts Council of Wales to health and cultural tourism. Not forgetting the benefits of public art galleries and urban regeneration. The arts bring meaning, authenticity and enjoyment to our everyday lives. The arts in Wales creates and sustains jobs. And with the proper funding,  enriches our education services.  The arts bring people together and improve the quality of life and general well being.

For that reason alone, the assembly of the Arts Council of Wales serves as a body to promote our culture and our country onto the World stage. The question is. What importance do we place on the values we represent, at home and abroad? They should be symbolic of Wales, profitable and accessible. Do they inspire, question and help us to imagine our future? The arts establishes our unique position in time. All this and much more is possible with the continued support and investment from the board of the Arts Council of Wales.

Photography: Joakim Honkasalo

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job opportunity in Venice

Job opportunity in Venice with the Welsh Arts Council

International Development Opportunity for Early Career Artists and Curators

Are you looking for a job opportunity in Venice? Do you want to develop your international experience and networks? Furthermore, who do you know who is passionate about the visual arts in Wales? If this is of interest to you or someone you know, please read on.

The Venice Biennale

The Venice Biennale of Art is the leading international event for the Visual Arts. It attracts an attendance today of over 615,000 visitors. In addition, it pulls in over 23,000 key international curators, including critics, collectors, galleries and artists. Furthermore, the event draws in several political and cultural representatives to the three-day preview alone. The exhibition takes place in two official sites in Venice. Firstly, the Arsenale, which hosts the international exhibition. Secondly, the Giardini di Castello in the east of the city, which houses the historic national pavilions.


Job Opportunity in Venice

This vacancy is available through Cymru yn Fenis (Wales in Venice) 2019. This will be of particular interest to Artists and Curators looking for International Development.

The Arts Council of Wales are offering an exciting employment opportunity to work in Venice. The Arts Council of Wales was founded in 1994. Additionally, it is responsible for funding and developing the arts in Wales.

Do, does this employment opportunity to work in Venice appeal to you? If so, visit this link for an application pack for this exciting job opportunity in Venice from here: Invigilator Plus 2019

Photo credit: by Ingeborg Gärtner-Grein on Unsplash

Invigilator Plus Application 2019